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Latest News from Medical and Health Sciences Doctoral Study Program

Medical and Health Sciences Doctoral Study Program Study Program Research, Service, and Achievements

Welcome to the Research, Service, and Achievement component of our Medical Study Program, a dynamic platform where knowledge meets passion to have a meaningful effect in the world of medicine. We take pleasure in our dedication to enabling students, teachers, and staff in their quest of greatness via three key pillars: research, community service, and academic achievement.

Caring for Flood Victims, DIKK, and Alumni Do Community Service

DIKK and alumni are initiating a community service program to help the victims of the flood disaster in Semarang City. This action marks a proactive move by the academic community in concern for the Semarang community. Let's join hands to share with our brothers...

DIKK Students Succeed: Arief Indra Perdana Wins Best Paper Award at Kuala Lumpur International Conference

The Class of 2021 students of Diponegoro University's Medical and Health Sciences Doctoral Study Program (DIKK) made a spectacular success on October 30-31, 2023. Arief Indra Perdana was awarded Best Paper at the 3rd International Medical Devices and Technology...

The 6th International Conference on Translational Medicine and Health Sciences (ICTMHS)

During the 2019 SARSCov (Covid-19) pandemic in the last 3 years, nations in the world have faced challenges and new demands in the area of health. Various efforts made by the government and other related parties in providing health services to patients with Covid-19...

Student Achievement

No. Student Name Type of Achievement Activity, Time, and Place Level 1. Amin Samianah Haki Karya Tulis Ilmiah, September 2018, di semarang Nasional 2. Nuryanto, S.Gz Haki Buku Pintar Imunisasi Campak dan Rubella, 1 Februari 2018 Nasional 3. Nuryanto, S.Gz Paten...


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Medical Study Program Sustainable Development Goals

“Diponegoro University, an Indonesian higher education institution, is committed to executing different SDG-related activities. Undip’s faculties, schools, and other entities have all planned plans and initiatives to accomplish the 17 SDGs. This is to help the Indonesian government’s commitment to meeting national SDGs objectives.


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