Able to compile research outlined in the form of a dissertation and papers that have been published in reputable international journals.


Able to find or develop new scientific ideas, which pay attention and apply the value of humanities in their field of expertise.


Able to show academic leadership in the management, development and guidance of resources and organizations under their responsibility.


Able to choose appropriate research in order to solve problems based on the results of studies on the availability of internal and external resources.


Able to find or develop new scientific theories / conceptions / ideas, based on scientific methodology, logical, critical, systematic, and creative thinking.


Can be a creative educator.


  1. Able to compile scientific arguments and solutions and communicate them through mass media or directly to the public.
  2. Able to publish scientific papers from research results at the national, regional and international levels.
  3. Able to collaborate as a team in the health sector at all levels.
  4. Able to develop a research roadmap based on a study of the main research objectives and their constellation to a broader target.
  5. Able to manage research in the health sector with appropriate scientific methods to produce innovations and solutions needed by society.
  6. Able to master in depth a special field / branch from Medical Sciences to cellular and molecular levels.
  7. Able to master technology and information in the health sector to communicate research results to stakeholders and obtain IPR.


  1. Able to take advantage of medical science and technology produced in research to empower the community to achieve the highest level of health.
  2. Able to be a dignified leader so as to produce valid and useful products of science and technology.
  3. Able to develop and maintain collegial and peer-to-peer relationships within and outside the institution.
  4. Being able to solve health problems through a critical study of the facts found or being able to carry out research that will support problem solving.
  5. Able to transfer the latest medical science and technology to students.